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Eating ICe Cream

Frost N' Roll




We just love ice cream!

We make fresh ice cream made to order customized for each and every customer. Our operation is unique in that we make everything in house, starting with the specially created ice cream bases that we pride our selves on mastering, to adding any toppings the customer might like to try or absolutely loves. All made instantly in front of the customer as he watches his custom made ice cream freeze in seconds. 

We love and appreciate each and every customer and consider them and our employees family! We are a family business, we thrive to keep our focus on creating the best products possible from quality to health benefits! all while maintaining a fun and hospitable environment.


COME JOIN US! for a delicious treat that will leave you wanting more!

We are currently working on construction for our store located at the intersection of Sahara and Decatur. Completion dates will be updated here and on our Facebook page soon! Stay tuned. 

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