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     We love parties! And love people's reactions to the ice cream being made! We have a couple of different options, and we can work with you on your unique event! Weather its a birthday, wedding or office party, we will be there! Here are the options:


1 - Pre-Rolled Ice Cream Delivery! 

     You can place an order in advance and we can roll your ice cream

fresh, and deliver it to your house or event location ready to eat.

     We offer free delivery for most locations within 8 miles from our store on Sahara and Decatur. ($150 Minimum - Unlimited flavors)

2 - We bring a machine and make the ice cream on location to order!

     This option is great if you want to showcase the process and impress guests. ($400 minimum - 4 flavors of your choice). We bring the machines (multiple if needed depending on the number of guests) with all the required bases and toppings, with employees serving the guests. 



About Us



We make fresh ice cream made to order customized for each and every customer. Our operation is unique in that we make everything in house, starting with the specially created ice cream bases that we pride our selves on mastering, to adding any toppings the customer might like to try or absolutely loves. All made instantly in front of the customer as he watches his custom made ice cream freeze in seconds.

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