Catering & instore event booking

Interested in hosting a party, private event, fund raiser? You found the perfect place! After all, what's better happier place than an ice cream shop?! A freshly made in front of you spectacle I'd say. And that's us. Premium ice cream and desserts with entertainment! 


We are now booking instore events for Dec 2018 and Jan 2019.

If you are interested and would like to host a private event at our store, please contact our organizers below for more information on schedule availability and pricing.


Pricing very depending on the size of your party and the days and hours you would like to book. We are very reasonable and we will work to accommodate you any way we can. We know how important the even is for you and we will make sure everything is top notch for you and your guests.  





About Us



We make fresh ice cream made to order customized for each and every customer. Our operation is unique in that we make everything in house, starting with the specially created ice cream bases that we pride our selves on mastering, to adding any toppings the customer might like to try or absolutely loves. All made instantly in front of the customer as he watches his custom made ice cream freeze in seconds.

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